Sunflower Development Group | Historic Tax Credits Consulting
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Historic Tax Credits Consulting

Sunflower Development has built the majority of its portfolio on preserving historic structures. SDG has undertaken 18 different historic preservation projects with a range of uses. SDG has raised nearly $50 million in Historic Tax Credits since its inception.


Our historic portfolio includes:

  • Mixed Use Commercial and Residential
  • Hotel
  • Multi-family
  • Affordable Housing
  • Commercial


Since its inception, SDG has developed a broad understanding of the historical development processes. Services SDG provides:

  • Historic Designation
  • Historic Tax Credit Securitization & Syndication
  • Redevelopment Feasibility Analysis
  • Historic Design Review
  • Overall Development


We are happy to discuss a potential project in any phase of development, but encourage our clients to engage us early to determine a project’s feasibility.