Luxury apartments to occupy the place of beloved Mission Bowl


Sunflower Development Group

The City of Mission is building a luxury housing development where a former bowling alley once was.

Mission Bowl was a beloved staple in the city before it burnt down in 2015. But, from the ashes of the alley, there will soon be what has lovingly been called the Mission Bowl Luxury Apartments.

The apartment building will have four levels with 176 residences over one level of parking. It will be located near the intersection of Martway and Birch Streets.

Although the site is moving in a much different direction than its past, city leaders say the location’s history will not be forgotten. Sunflower Development Group plans to have pieces of the bowling lanes reintegrated into the shelving of the apartments.

Steve Choikhit has owned the Mission Mart Shopping Center across the street for 38 years. He used to own the land that housed Mission Bowl before he sold it to the Sunflower Development Group.

“We don’t have a lot of newer apartments– there are a lot of older units but not new ones. We’ve got the locale up the street further west from us, but nothing really new, up to date, modern, and that’s what we’re gonna have across the street,” said Choikhit.

He says about 200 people will live in the homes, ultimately bringing business to his stores and supporting the local tax base for the city.

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