Affordable Housing Tax Credits

Affordable housing tax credits are the federal government’s incentives for developing affordable housing across the country. The credits are managed by individual states and awarded to developers whose rental communities attract lower-income families.

faxon school apartment, developed using affordable tax credit consulting

Building for Good

Affordable housing doesn’t mean low cost. In most cases, affordable housing projects simply aren't feasible without tax credits. That creates an infinitely competitive market for a finite number of credits. Sunflower Development Group’s tax credit consultants work closely with you to build a case with your state that delivers financing and gets you building.

Affordable Housing Tax Credits

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Faxon School Apartments

Faxon School Apartments

Affordable Housing | Brownfields Tax Credit | Historic Preservation

Named after Frank A. Faxon of the Kansas City Board of Education and Faxon & Gallagher Drug Company, the Faxon School was an elementary school in the heart of Midtown until it was shuttered in 1997. In 2015, we purchased the property and saw its tranquil location and adaptive floor plans as a prime opportunity for an affordable senior housing project.

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