Historic Renovation + Adaptive Reuse

Don’t tear down what you could build up. Look through the dirt and decay of many abandoned historic properties and you’ll see a strong foundation for your next project. Adaptive reuse and historic restoration projects work within a building’s existing footprint to equip it for a brand new purpose.

historic renovation and adaptive reuse
historic and adaptive reuse

Making History

Our team finds opportunity in the run down, worn out buildings you see every day. We look at old schools and see affordable apartments. We see a bustling entertainment district through an old industrial building. Most importantly, we see everything in between. Restoring a historic building is far from straightforward, but our in-house team of real estate developers manage everything from finance to representation to management.

Historic Renovation + Adaptive Reuse

historic tax credit project evaluation
Site Selection
commercial development ownership structuring
Owner Representation
historic tax credit compliance
Feasibility Studies
historic renovation and adaptive reuse tax crediting
Tax Crediting

Featured Project

500 Grand renovation

500 Grand

Commercial | Historic Preservation | Mixed Use

500 Grand is a multi-property space located on 5th and Grand in Kansas City’s Old Town neighborhood, one of the city’s most treasured commercial districts. Constructed in 1927, the buildings housed a common variety of retailers, barbers, tailors and saloons. A closer look, however, reveals a more uncommon history.

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