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Amethyst Place Affordable Housing | Summer 2023 Construction Starting

The time for expansion is now!  We are thrilled to announce the #GrowAP campaign. Over 40 families are consistently waiting for a safe home to reunify and overcome houselessness. Within these families are about 80 children, most of whom are separated from their mom until a spot at Amethyst Place opens. That wait is taking a year or longer.

Due to overwhelming community need as evidenced by a year-long waitlist, Amethyst Place is nearly doubling its capacity through the construction of 32 units of affordable housing. The project site at 2770 Tracy is just a block east of its current campus. In addition to 25 apartments and 7 townhomes, the campus will include programming space, offices for on-site services, fitness center, childcare center, playgrounds, bike paths, courtyard gathering space, and comprehensive security system. The end result will be 70 total units of housing across two campuses. Lending significant development experience to the project, key partners include Sunflower Development Group (co-developer), Rosemann and Associates (architect), Rau Construction (contractor), and the engineering/design team (Olsson, LandWorks Studio, Antella Inc., KHE Group, Riggs Recreation).

Jennifer's Story


Amethyst Place is the product of community leaders banding together in 1989 to help single mothers and their children overcome damaging generational cycles of substance use. Due to lack of safe housing after treatment, these women had no choice but to return to the same communities where their substance use began, threatening their recovery and the stability of their families. Founded in May 2000 by task force members, Amethyst Place has filled this gap for over 23 years and has been home to over 375 families, including 726 children. Amethyst Place’s long-term supportive housing program at 28th and Troost helps over 150 women and children overcome the interconnected cycles of poverty, trauma, and substance use to achieve multi-generational impact.

Excellence in Impact Award

The time to grow is now, pandemic or otherwise. We were fortunate enough to secure land right next to our current campus thanks to the very generous support of donors. It is enough space to build 32 more units – nearly doubling our capacity. Our plan is to build 25 apartments, 7 townhomes, and greenspace for families to play. To fund this $15,400,000 project, we have launched a capital campaign that will leverage public and private sources. Construction will begin in Summer 2023.

We need supporters like you to help us bring this to fruition!



Affordable Housing Units
$15.4 Million

Project Cost
Summer 2023

Construction Begins
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