Blenheim School Apartments

Affordable Housing, Historic Preservation

The Blenheim School Apartments project is the acquisition and renovation of the former Blenheim School located at 2411 E 70th Terrace, Kansas City, Missouri into 52 units of safe, quality affordable housing.

The Blenheim school is 67,760 square feet on four floors, complete with 22 classrooms, auditorium, gymnasium, and elevator. The building was closed by the Kansas City Public Schools in 2009 and put up for sale through the repurposing program.



The Kansas City Public School District did extensive outreach to the Tri-Blenheim Neighborhood Association and the community feedback was clear, they preferred an adaptive reuse solution into affordable senior house. Residents indicated a desire to remain in the neighborhood when it was time to transition into maintenance free apartment. The classrooms are being converted into 34 single bedroom and 18 two-bedroom apartments and includes a large common area, community room with a kitchen, movie theater and fitness facility.

Movie theater

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Blenheim School Apartments renovation

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