Reconciliation Services

New Market Tax Credits, Renovation

Sunflower Development Group secured $10.5 million in New Market Tax Credits for Reconciliation Services resulting in over $3 million in equity to support a 30,000ft rehabilitation of its historic building located at 31st and Troost Ave in Kansas City, MO.

Reconciliation Services (RS) is the preeminent social & trauma therapy service provider and community change agent in the Troost corridor in Kansas City. After 30 years of growth as the lead organization caring for low-income individuals and families and working towards racial reconciliation and community revitalization, renovations to the RS building at 31st and Troost are crucial to continue in this role. In addition, expanding social ventures in the building – Thelma’s Kitchen and new RS Social Ventures-3PL, will create jobs, family stability, and create mission-driven sustainability for RS.

RS’ mission is to cultivate a community seeking reconciliation, to transform Troost from a dividing line into a gathering place, revealing the strength of all. RS’ three main strategic initiatives are: REVEAL Social and Mental Health Services; Thelma’s Kitchen, a donate-what-you-can cafe; and the Foster Grandparents Program (low-income older adults mentoring at-risk youth). RS addresses community needs for affordable access to healthy food, safe environments to gather and combat social isolation, and access to emergency social services (housing/utility, ID/documents, and medical/dental assistance), case management, and mental health services leading to improved health and self-sufficiency.


$15 million

Total Project Cost
$10.5 million

NMTCs Secured
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